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United Surety was established in 2020 to service a comprehensive range of surety needs in the construction industry.


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About Us

United Surety was established in 2020 to service a comprehensive range of surety needs in the construction industry. We specialize in offering construction surety bonds to both the Canadian and U.S. markets, and pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service. At United Surety, we take a partnership approach with our customers and establish long-term relationships that meet your surety needs and goals. We also offer commercial bond products and is one of the only companies that offer funds control services to meet our customer’s bonding needs.

Why United Surety?

  • Unparalleled customer service

    We respond to new inquiries or request for bonds generally within 24-48 hours

  • Partnership approach

    We understand companies grow and do business in different ways. That’s why we come up with surety solutions that meet your needs

  • Innovative solutions

    We’re one of the only sureties offering funds control solutions to companies that do not meet traditional surety support

What is Surety?

It is quite common for those who have not been exposed to surety to think that it is a form of insurance. In fact, surety is more like a credit facility than insurance. It involves three main parties, the principal, the obligee, and the surety.

  • The principal is the party that enters into a contract and must fulfill the obligation of the contract.

  • The obligee is the party that offered the contract, usually relating to a commitment that has to be fulfilled.

  • The surety is the party that guarantees that the principal entering the contract, will fulfill their obligation to the obligee. This guarantee comes in the form of a surety bond, that compensates the loss from the obligee should the principal fail to meet the obligations of the contract.

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Types of Surety Bonds

Construction Bonds

Bonds that guarantee that the contractual obligations of a construction project is met.

Two Stages:

  1. Tender stage - when an obligee offers a project for principals to bid on
    • Bid bonds ensure that if the principal is awarded a contract, they will proceed with signing the contract at the price in which they tendered the job
    • Agreement to bond is a letter issued by the surety that agrees to issue the necessary final bonds needed for the principal to satisfy their contract, should they be awarded.

  3. Final stage – occurs when the principal has been awarded a contract, and will usually require two kinds of final bonds
    • Performance bonds – ensures fulfillment of the contract
    • Labour and material bond - ensures all labour and material involved in the project is paid

Commercial Bonds

Commercial bonds are basically a catch-all for bonds that do not fit in the construction bonds category. The wide variety of commercial bonds can include license bonds, broker bonds, lien bonds, bail bonds, and much more.

Funds Control

United Surety is one of the only companies in Canada that offer funds control solutions to surety bonding. One of the main risks that sureties face is the movement of funds from one project to another. Because of this, many bond requests in the industry are declined if there appears to be a risk of contract funds moving from one job to another. Funds control is a mitigating tool used to ensure that funds for one project stays within that project. Through the use of funds control, United Surety is able to offer bonding solutions to companies that may not normally qualify in the traditional industry. This is one of the many ways United Surety is able to work as a partner with the principal to create a bonding solution that works for you.


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